Acts of Gentle Kindness


For more than 140 years, Ivory continues to provide a touch of gentle kindness from one generation to the next. Ivory is highlighting the acts of kindness that you show to your loved ones and communities at a time when kindness can go a long way.

Ivory is partnering with seven-year-old Cavanagh Bell and his non-profit Cool & Dope to spread kindness to the elderly this holiday season.

Cavanagh started Cool & Dope to end bullying by 2030 after enduring personal bullying encounters at school. To ease isolation and loneliness due to COVID-19, Cavanagh changed Cool & Dope's mission to provide local seniors with hot meals and care packages.

Ivory is proud to work with Cavanagh and provide financial assistance to Cool & Dope to distribute Ivory Care Packs to the elderly who deserve a touch of love and kindness. Families may forgo treasured traditions and special gatherings, which makes this work with Cavanaugh and Cool & Dope critical.

Ivory encourages you to give a touch of love and kindness to a family member, friend, or neighbor experiencing social isolation – to spread love and appreciation during these difficult times.

Read more about Cavanaugh and Cool & Dope here and scroll down to learn how you can create your own care packs to distribute to members of your community.

COVID-19 safety protocols and social distancing guidelines were followed in the production of this content.


You and your family can share a small act of kindness in your community to by creating your own Care Packs. Creating and distributing your own Care Packs is an easy family activity and a great opportunity for you and your family to show that you care.

To get started, use the list below for inspiration on what to put in your own Care Packs. You can also get a coupon for Ivory’s Moisturizing Body Wash and Gentle Deodorant to include in your packs.

Once you create your packs, share your packs on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest with #IvoryKindness to encourage your friends and family to do the same.

What should I include in my Care Packs?

Personal Care Products designed to be gentle on all skin types:

Activities to help them pass the time

  • ◆  Crossword or sudoku puzzle books
  • ◆  Adult coloring books
  • ◆  Puzzles
  • ◆  Books or magazines
  • ◆  A deck of cards or other small game

Comfort items to help them feel safe and cozy

  • ◆  Blanket or throw
  • ◆  Candles
  • ◆  Fuzzy socks or slippers
  • ◆  Soft towels or a robe
  • ◆  Decorative plants or flowers

Special snacks and food for a little treat

  • ◆  Homemade baked goods
  • ◆  Favorite candy or snacks
  • ◆  Specialty tea or coffee
  • ◆  Gift cards to their favorite takeout restaurant

Household supplies to help them avoid extra trips to the store

  • ◆  Toilet Paper
  • ◆  Hand Soap
  • ◆  Paper towels
  • ◆  Cleaning supplies & sanitizers

Add a personal touch to fill your package with extra love and care

  • ◆  Handwritten card or love notes
  • ◆  Handmade gifts
  • ◆  Artwork drawn by your children
  • ◆  Framed photographs

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