User Content Terms

Release And Grant of Right to Use Name and Photographic Likeness For Commercial Purposes


You, on behalf of yourself, your successors, heirs, and assigns, for good and valuable consideration, hereby grant to The Procter & Gamble Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, licensees, agents, representatives, successors and assigns (“P&G”), the unrestricted, fully-paid, royalty free, transferable, irrevocable and perpetual right to use, reproduce, copy, broadcast, display, publish, and make any other use for consumer testing purposes and other commercial or noncommercial purposes your name, image, likeness or pictures of you (collectively “Personal Content”), in P&G social media sites and P&G websites throughout the world, in perpetuity, without right of further compensation, consideration, review or approval. Moreover, you may be included in the portraits or photographic likenesses, or reproductions thereof, in whole or in part, in composite or distorted form or as otherwise incorporated into other creative works of authorship, in color or otherwise, made through any medium, including but not limited to display and performance on Internet web sites, social media and in print publications. Your Personal Content may be used in connection with materials related to any of P&G’s businesses and products.

To the extent there are any other individuals, including those of minors, in the Personal Content with you, you hereby represent and warrant you have obtained the permission to enter this agreement on behalf of those individuals.

You waive any right that you may have to inspect or approve the finished product or the material that may be used in connection with the Personal Content or the use to which each may be applied.

You release and discharge P&G, its officers, directors, successors and assigns and all persons acting under its permission or authority, from any and all claims, including invasion of privacy and violation of publicity rights, or any other claim based on use of your Personal Content.

Nothing in this Release / Grant shall obligate P&G to use the Personal Content for any purposes at any time.

You understand and agree to the terms above.

You hereby certify that I am over eighteen (18) years of age

You indicate your assent to these terms by replying to Ivory’s Instagram message using the hashtag: #YesIvory