This Deodorant is Kinder and Gentler on Your Skin

Ivory Gentle Deodorants provide 24-hour odor protection with pure, gentle ingredients.


PEOPLE and Ivory know that kindness is the foundation of self-care. From the foods you eat to the products you use in your everyday life, it’s important to give yourself the gift of kindness from the inside out, and extend that kindness to those around you.


Unfortunately, some of your favorite products can be harmful to the most sensitive parts of your body, especially the skin. This outermost layer is exposed to the elements every day, so it’s important to give it extra care.


For 140 years, Ivory has created nourishing products that help you treat your body with the care and kindness you deserve. Ivory products, like the dermatologist-tested Ivory Gentle Deodorants, are designed to be gentle on your skin while still getting the job done.


When thinking about the skin, the underarms might not immediately come to mind. But this sensitive area needs love, too. Though it is less exposed than, say, the face, the skin under your arms is thinner than on other parts of the body, and therefore deserves just as much care as the rest of it. 

Ivory Gentle Deodorants contain everything you need and nothing you don't.

Ivory Gentle Deodorants provide gentle care for sensitive skin. Made without dyes, aluminum, parabens or baking soda, they’re designed to be kind and gentle on skin while still offering 24-hour odor protection.


These deodorants are available in a range of soothing scents, including hint of lavender, coconut and aloe. Plus, Ivory does not test on animals, so they’re kind to the environment, too. Like Ivory’s original soap, made over 140 years ago, Ivory has been trusted for generations to provide gentle care for your skin.


When you’re kind to yourself and your body, you’re better equipped to spread kindness all around. That’s why Ivory Gentle Deodorants want to help you practice kindness right at home.