One body wash for all; All for one body wash

The entire family will reach for the clean feeling of

Ivory body wash


A Gentle Body Wash for All
Ivory’s safe, gentle products have been trusted by families for over 140 years. Ivory’s Mild & Gentle Body Wash has been specially designed to leave your skin feeling healthy and smooth. They are mild and gentle for the whole family! And available in more than 5 scents so everyone can pick their favorite!  



Even if we’ve been around for a long time, we keep innovating our products. Ivory Body Wash is made with plant-based cleansers and is free of dyes, heavy perfumes, parabens, phthalates, and silicones.  Our formula gives you a rich, creamy lather that is perfect for anyone and everyone. But don’t you worry—this is still the same Ivory you know and love.  
But did we mention that Ivory’s Mild & Gentle Body Wash is beloved by the whole family? This body wash is gentle even for the younger members of your family! This is great news for parents, because the same body wash you love to use, you can also trust to wash away dirt, bad days, and foul moods from your kids, too. Not to mention, the bottle with a pump makes it easy for even the youngest to use when washing themselves—making spills a thing of the past. Well, mostly. They are still kids, after all! 
No matter what you or your loved ones need, Ivory has an option that will be perfect for anyone in your household. With everyone reaching for the same Ivory Mild & Gentle Body Wash, you may have to start hiding your own bottle somewhere! 
More of our family for your family
In addition to the Ivory Mild & Gentle Body Wash, we have an entire family line of products perfect for each and every member of your family. From our Ivory Baby Foaming Wash & Shampoo for Baby’s Sensitive Skin to Ivory Gentle Deodorant, our products are never tested on animals.  
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