Finally, a Gentler and Kinder Deodorant

Gentle on skin, but strong enough to fight odor 


For 140 years, Ivory has created nourishing products that help you treat your body with the care and kindness you deserve. Ivory products, like the dermatologist-tested Ivory Gentle Deodorants, are designed to be gentle on your skin while still getting the job done. 



There are many deodorants made without aluminum on the market, but Ivory stands out among the rest because of our unique formula. At Ivory, we believe in using pure & purposeful ingredients to make products you will love and trust. Ivory’s Gentle Deodorant is made with naturally derived Dead Sea Salt to give you 24-hour odor protection and is designed to be gentle on skin.

Ivory Gentle Deodorant is also dermatologist tested and proven to lessen the risk of skin irritation caused by many other deodorants. That’s because our deodorant is free of many common irritants, like baking soda, one of the most notorious culprits to cause rashes and break outs on the sensitive skin under your arms. So, like we said—gentle on skin, but strong enough to fight odors. 

Ivory Deodorant is also free of dyes, heavy perfumes, talc, parabens, and phthalates, and is never tested on animals. Ivory Gentle Deodorant is available in many soothing scents, including hint of coconut and lavender. See all Ivory Deodorant options available here.



If you’re ready to make the jump from antiperspirant to deodorant—or just looking for a strong deodorant that really works—enjoy the lightly scented, gentle Ivory Deodorant.



Over 140 years ago, Ivory created a soap that was 99.44% pure and we haven’t lost touch with where we came from. Like our original soap, all our products are made with pure and purposeful ingredients trusted for generations.